I am an photographer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been working as a photo editor for La Nación since 2014.
I have studied photography in Madrid and attended workshops in Buenos Aires, Tuscany, London and Seville, while assisting photographers and working as a retoucher. In London I became interested in philosophy and history, and in 2010 completed a BA in History and History of Ideas at Goldsmiths College.
In the projects section of this website you will see reflected my research interests, which usually combine photography with other mediums.
Most of my personal work focuses on the relationships between memory, the self and photography.
I currently co-direct (experiencia)HIEDRA, a project-based gallery in Buenos Aires.
A selection of my photographs is sold through Millenium Images.
email me[at]pausal.co.uk.
ARGENTINA: +54 (9) 1130808728.